Place Make in association with Mona Tarazi Architects of Beirut and Qatar release the Concept Master Plan for the site of the Presidential Exhibition in Sierra Leone.

L’Heritage Resort nears completion in time for the summer season.

Located in the mountains above Beirut, L’Heritage offers spectacular views across the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

‘To linger! If we could but linger again in those places whose beauties never wane; surely we would then be able to endure many difficult hours with a lighter heart, and carry on, thus strengthened, in the eternal struggle of this existence’

An article by David Edwards on the subject of Camillo Sitte, a Viennese architect and art historian is published in the journal of the Urban Design Group – Urban Design Quarterly.

A few images and sketches from the office’s study trip to the wonderful city of Bruges. After a fantastic four days, it will be difficult to better Bruges as a destination for future study trips!