Place-Make have been appointed as urban designers to support the preparation of a Regional Zoning Strategy for a 35km2 area around the Ravi River as it passes through the historic city of Lahore and around the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the old town.

We are acting as sub-consultants to the multidisciplinary team of Meinhardt, who have local offices in Lahore and Islamabad.

The strategy has been initiated by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to guide Lahore’s growth and development along the river in a planned and sustainable manner. The first stage of the study culminated in an overarching framework for zoning and movement and the identification of a series of action areas.

A Stage 1 report has been submitted to the LDA, the Office of the Prime Minister, UNESCO and Development Banks for review with further study of particular action areas to commence in 2021/22.


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